Though beer production has been the main focus of Western North Carolina, Viticulture has become a lucrative industry for both production and tourism. The terrain and climate of Henderson County, due to its placement on the Eastern Continental Divide makes it a unique area, differing from those surrounding it with differing mean temperatures, rainfall and light quality from the sun. 

This is no secret though, with the various vineyards around Henderson County all producing successful varieties of wine, it is clear that it is not an untapped market. 

St. Paul Mountain Vineyards

st pauls

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards opened in 2012 and is located in Henderson County toward Chimney Rock. Boasting the highest elevation vineyards in Henderson County and some of the highest in the state, Saint Paul was also the first commercial vineyard in the  county. Saint Paul has a variety of venues for your visit whether you want to be outdoors or inside and its tasting room is open year-round.

Burntshirt Vineyards


Burntshirt Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard residing in Henderson County. Legend has it that back in olden times farmers burned their shirts as fields were cleared as a good luck gesture for great crops; thus comes the name of Burntshirt Mountain. The Oates family keeps this legend alive at Burntshirt Vineyards. The vineyard started as a grape-growing operation, but when the family realized the quality of their product they decided to embark on wine-making, producing award-winning, premium estate wines.

Overmountain Vineyards

Head down the mountain a few miles you will arrive in the horse country of Tryon, NC.  Here you'll find Overmountain Vineyards. Overmountain is a family-owned and operated vineyard complete with event space and an outdoor area for picnicking while overlooking the vineyards. The tasting room is open year-round and in the high season of summer and fall there are live music events regularly. There is even a certified segment of the Overmountain Victory National Historical Trail on-site!