Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains



The Blue Ridge Mountains offer a range of activities as well as beautiful views, no matter which way you turn. Whether you want to soar above the gorges or stay firmly planted on a great hiking trail or even just want to enjoy a nice dinner and drinks with a fantastic view, the mountains can provide. 

Within a mile of the Mill House Lodge you can find yourself hiking the trails of Big Glassy Mountain and Little Glassy Mountain within the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site.  These trails offer something for everyone, from very strolls around the lake and grounds to a semi-strenuous 3-mile trek to and from the bald on Big Glassy.  From the bald you can look over the Henderson County valley to downtown Hendersonville, which is plainly seen on a clear day.

With DuPont State Recreational Forest and Pisgah National Forest right at our fingertips there is no shortage of trail heads just waiting for the next adventurer. There is a trail for everyone and no matter what you choose you're sure to understand why everyone loves the moutains, by the end of your excursion. Whether you are a Blue Ridge Parkway pull-off or rugged hiking type, there is a view for you to fully experience why they call them the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Looking Glass Rock is one of the most notable hikes around. With views of the bald side of the rock being visible from multiple stops along the Parkway, this is a hike to conquer. Stretching a little over three miles one way, it's certainly a hike you want to set aside a day to complete.

A fairly easy trail that still gets you out into the wilderness and gives you a decent distance is Graveyard Fields. Graveyard Fields is a different kind of hike in that you aren't necessarily always surrounded by forest. It's variation between forest and fiels is what keeps the hike interesting.

For the hiker who feels like they need a different kind of view at the peak there is the Fryingpan Mountain Tower. This relatively easy hike is only a mile and a half roundtrip and is on a wide gravel path most of the way. Once you reach the Tower you can test your fear of heights by climibing to the top for a 360 view of the mountains. 

The Black Balsam Knob hike can be as long or as short as you like, with the first knob reached within half a mile. The loop spans five miles and there are hiking sites along the way if you wish to extend your stay on the Knobs. Just make sure that you store your food according to regulation! Since this hike isn't protected by the cover of trees you'll be able to experience the mountainous views all around you. 

Devil's Courthouse is for the hiker who loves a quick challenge. The trail spans a little under half a mile and is half paved half dirt. With its short distance, despite its incline, the trail is fit for anyone to embark on. If the hike isn't for you, the view from the Parkway pull-off is great. 

These trails barely scratch the surface of all that awaits you in Pisgah and DuPontForest. For more trailheads and information, visit the links and plan your next adventure!