Every hiker has a different goal during a hike, whether it's the magnificent view that truly explains why we are titled the Blue Ridge Mountains, or maybe it's a waterfall or swimming hole to wade in during the summer. Either way, adventure is just around the trunk of every tree.

DuPont State Recreational Forest

triple falls

One of the most well known waterfalls to visitors in the area is Triple Falls, one of the locations appearing in the 2012 blockbuster The Hunger Games. The Triple Falls route is a three-mile round trip hike that begins with Hooker Falls at the beginning, which features a wading pool that many enjoy during the warmest parts of the year. Take the trail less than a half a mile you will reach Triple Falls and further up the mountain you'll reach High Falls, the largest of the three. 

Another family friendly waterfall to check out with varying hiking distances based on which parking area you leave your car in, is Bridal Veil Falls. On a low water level day you can picnic or explore the exposed rock while the water from the falls flows around you. The hike can vary, but averages around five miles round trip, with relatively flat trails. Bridal Veil is located in DuPont State Recreational Forest. 

Pisgah National Forest


Quite possibly the most convenient of waterfalls in all of Western North Carolina is Looking Glass Falls. With side of the road parking available, spectators can stand at the top of the stairs to admire the cascade, or venture down the stairs and even all the way down to the water front to experience the waterfall spray and admire the beauty with no hiking required.

An attraction made specifically for the adventurer is the popular Sliding Rock, a waterfall that, for a small fee visitors can take the plunge and literally slide down the waterfall into the all natural pool below. Sliding Rock is located in Pisgah National Forest and is fully equipped with a full-time lifeguard who ensures that you are safe during your thrill ride. For those who are not interested in the ride down the 60-foot naturally occuring slide, spectating is just as respectable!

None of these waterfalls striking your fancy? No worries, the link at the top of the page should satisfy your needs!