North Carolina Minor League Baseball in Asheville
As we will be the first to tell you, a North Carolina summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors with family, and what better way to do so than celebrating America’s Pastime. Just a short drive from us here at Mill House Lodge in nearby Asheville, North Carolina, is home to the Asheville Tourists. At affordable pricing and a historic venue, catching a game here and taking in North Carolina minor league baseball is sure to be a fun experience for the whole family.

North Carolina Minor League Baseball Background
There is a long and storied history of baseball in Asheville, North Carolina. The Tourists have been in various leagues before becoming a farm team of the Colorado Rockies in 1994, but baseball in the city actually dates back to 1897. At that time, the local team was known as the “Moonshiners.” The Tourists’ current logo interestingly enough was redesigned recently to reflect the early influences of the Moonshiners. This area of North Carolina features the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Biltmore Estate, and other popular visitor attractions, but these are not the inspiration of the Tourists’ name. Local sportswriters in 1915 dubbed them the Tourists because none of the players were local. The team name is still used today and is one of the more unique names, not only in North Carolina minor league baseball, but in all of sports.
A Historic Venue
Connoisseurs of ballparks will enjoy a game at McCormick Field. Built for a whopping $200,000 in 1924, the historic stadium has a few nuances that make it unique. For example, the bleachers are asymmetrical, and the right-field wall is only 297 feet from home plate because of the hill that rises directly behind the fence. Legends of the game such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, and Jackie Robinson have also played at McCormick Field, cementing the historical status of the park. The bleachers feature many great sightlines, but to get some of the most beautiful views, book the Hi-Wire Grandstand Suite out beyond center-field. There, you’ll have your very own skybox view of the field while getting glimpses of the Asheville skyline and mountains.
Something for Everyone
Like many other minor league teams, the Tourists are very active with their gameday promotions. Whether it be discounted hot dogs, free apparel, or the original Thirsty Thursday (sponsored by many of the local breweries), all age groups will enjoy themselves. So after a full day of hiking out in the mountains or swimming at our pool here at Mill House Lodge, bring the family down to McCormick Field to watch the watch some good, old-fashioned Tourists in North Carolina minor league baseball action for an unforgettable Asheville summer experience!