The 4,000 miles of cool, clear mountain streams and the many lakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains offer anglers more fishing opportunities than can be found in any other state in the Southeast. The region supports one of the most diverse fishing habitats in the world.

Need some guidance? We suggest DB Bar D's guided trips.

Imagine wading along miles of a pristine, private mountain river admist a bounty of fish. DB Bar D's private sections of water span four different rivers and hold a breeding population of brown and brook trout as well as a regularly stocked and managed population of rainbows. The average size of the rainbow trout is 16 inches, though there have been some in excess of 30 inches, with  guests regularly landing rainbows weighing 5+ pounds. The wild brown trout often exceed 20 inches, and wild brook trout average 12 inches.

Trips are available in half or whole days.

For our guided trips, they:

  • Accommodate up to three fishermen per guide (we can accomodate almost any number of people with additional guides)
  • Can assist you with any licensing needs in-house (the cost of any necessary license is included in your package)
  • Include an exclusive, catered lunch riverside
  • Provide drinks and snacks throughout your trip

When you stay with us, we will do our best to get you connected to the best our area has to offer. Ask us if you need suggestions for how to make your Hendersonville, NC vacation the best!