Autumn is a favorite season here in Western North Carolina. The weather begins to cool and summer releases its grip over the Appalachia and welcomes crisp temperatures and cozy evenings that fall brings. The foliage is stunning, the Blue Ridge mountains ablaze with an ombre of yellows, oranges, and reds making it a perfect destination for what is known as “leaf peeping” and other activities!

Whether you’re looking for a hike, a county fair, a ghost tour,  exploring cryptozoology, or an orchard where you can pick apples and create a tried-and-true fall recipe for your family, there is no shortage of fall activities to do in the area.

One of the top reasons people come to visit Western North Carolina is to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature all around us here.

Bird watching is becoming increasingly popular, and with no shortage of year-round resident and migratory birds, this area draws people in like no other.

In WNC, there is a variety of terrain, including mountains, wetlands, lakes and rivers, as well as expansive areas of wilderness. The Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains offer the perfect environment for many species of wildlife, birds included, and many birds come up here during the spring and summer to breed and raise their young.

Some common species of birds in the area are goldfinches, woodpeckers, chickadees, cardinals, wrens, blue birds, eastern phoebes, screech owls, towhees, and waterfowl such as great blue herons, kingfishers, a variety of ducks and geese, and birds of prey such as hawks.

Because of the mild climate, we have our fair share of birds who choose to reside here year-round as well, such as cardinals and robins. Interested? Keep reading below to find out some of the best spots for birding here in the mountains! 

Western North Carolina has seen quite the expansion in recent years. As many people from out of state move into the area, many businesses such as restaurants and breweries are contributing to a booming economy. Not only are there many locals who live in the area, but the tourism industry is still going strong in WNC even after the pandemic took hold.

As restrictions have relaxed quite a bit, many people can safely travel again. You may be planning a trip to WNC for some R&R or maybe to see family you’ve not been able to for a while. When you stay at Mill House Lodge and take advantage of our newest special “Cruise for Brews” rest assured your days will be filled with all sorts of fun!

Cruise for Brews is a current special we are offering where with a stay of 2 nights or more, you will get 20% off of our weekend rate. There is no shortage of breweries in the area and many of them feature patio areas, tours, gift shops, and often have an array of food and dinner items for you to enjoy in addition to these areas. Some of the popular breweries are listed below, and an honorable mention for a restaurant as well!

Staying at Mill House Lodge and itching for an adventure? Whitewater rafting may be just what you’re looking for! Lucky for you, we’ve partnered up with Green River Adventures, and we’re offering a special on whitewater rafting trips with a two-night stay or more.

Western North Carolina hosts a multitude of popular rivers for water sports such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, tubing and canoeing. In fact, there are six rivers within a couple hours or less drive of the area that are available for water fun and they have something for everyone, even beginners. The closest one is the Green River, which begins in Saluda, and is also where Green River Adventures is located.

A brief explanation of what the different classes of rapids are may be helpful before you decide if a whitewater rafting trip is right for you, so keep reading to learn about the classes. For more information about the different classes of rapids, check out here

Summertime is the best time for family reunions! A family reunion is a great way to get relatives together who haven’t seen each other in a while — especially since many of us have spent the last year not being able to be in close contact. Planning your family reunion can take a bit of time and effort, but we’ve got some ideas that will make it easier — so you’ll have more time to enjoy family time!